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Zachary Lomo
Was Director - Zachary joined the RLP as director in July 2001, and stayed with us till August 2006. During his time, informed both by his own experiences as a former refugee, and by his background in International Law, he led RLP to new heights and international recognition, including co-authoring the seminal paper BEHIND THE VIOLENCE: Causes, Consequences and the Search for Solutions to the War in Northern Uganda. His enduring concern for reconciliation and justice spurred the research for 'NEGOTIATING PEACE: Resolution of Conflicts in Uganda's West Nile Region' and 'WHOSE JUSTICE? PERCEPTIONS OF UGANDA'S AMNESTY ACT 2000; The Potential for Conflict Resolution and Long-Term Reconciliation'  He is currently Acting Dean, School of Law, College of Law & Business, St. Augustine International University, Bunga Hill, Ggaba Road, Kampala.

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Do you know about the National Memory & Peace Documentation Centre?

A collaborative initiative of the RLP and the Kitgum District Local Government. The NMPDC is located in Kitgum district town council - Northern Uganda an area ravaged by over two decades of armed conflict and is struggling to recover in the post-conflict era...
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