Working Papers

 Our working paper series presents in depth analyses of specific situations that have been investigated or recorded by RLP research trips. These working papers attempt to maintain a careful balance by being academically rigorous yet highly accessible to non-specialists, bearing in mind the difficulties and risks of conducting research in often volatile regions.

Working Paper 5 - This is the final report in a four-part series on conditions for refugees living in Uganda's northern settlements. It focuses on the impact of violent conflict on those living within Pader District and incorporates the testimonies of both refugees and Internally Displaced Persons. The report shows the extent to which, for the many displaced people in the district, violence has become an intrinsic part of their everyday lives.
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Working Paper 4 - This report is the third in a series of four on conditions for Sudanese refugees living in Uganda's northern settlements. The report concentrates on Moyo district and investigates the dynamics that influence the movement patterns of refugees living in the area. It further illustrates the contrast between those refugees who are living in settlements, and therefore, within the official assistance structures, and those who have chosen to be self-settled.
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Working Paper 3 - This report is the second in a four paper series on conditions for Sudanese refugees living in refugee settlements in the districts of northern Uganda. The overriding focus of these studies was the security situation within the refugee locations. The paper concentrates on Arua district and considers this issue within the wider framework of general human security.
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Working Paper 2  - This report was based on research gathered in the Adjumani settlements between in May 2001. Findings indicated that insecurity stemmed primarily from two sources: Lord's Resistance Army (LRA) attacks which involved looting and abductions, and problems related to forced recruitment conducted by the Sudan People's Liberation Army (SPLA). Combined, these two sources of insecurity created a climate of fear in the area.
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Working Paper 1 - This report offers a brief overview of Uganda's refugee situation. Uganda has been a major destination country for refugees throughout most of its history, and has generated many refugees itself. Additionally, conflict within Uganda has created a sizeable population of internally displaced persons (IDPs). Refugees in Uganda currently face serious humanitarian and insecurity problems. They are inadequately protected under Uganda's existing legal system despite the fact that Uganda has signed and ratified important international treaties on refugees.
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