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Dear Friends and Colleagues,

RLP at 20 is up in gears with several amazing initiatives and ground-breaking work. We recently concluded a Sexual Violence Symposium under the theme “Sexual Violence in Conflict: Advancing the Agenda?” (report yet to be published) and we are finalising arrangements for the upcoming South-South Institute on Sexual Violence Against Men and Boys in Conflict and Forced Displacement guided by the theme “Bridging the Sexual Violence Torture Divide” – all of which are important initiatives in advancing conversations on sexual violence in conflict.

As we wait to welcome hundreds of national, regional, and international participants next week for the South-South Institute, we are pleased to participate in a related and ongoing regional “Planning Workshop to Scale Up Positive Masculinity Programme” organised by UN Women and taking place at Lake Victoria Serena Hotel, Kigo. Represented by Onen David Ongwech, Programme Manager Gender & Sexuality, we are pleased to engage with a number of national, regional and international actors on fostering positive masculinities in the pursuit for Gender Equality.

Following our decades-long work with men and boys as victims of negative masculinities including physical and sexual violence and also our progressive work with men and boys as allies for positive transformation including ending violence against women and girls, we are delighted that conversations on challenging negative masculinities and patriarchy is taking shape at national and continental level.

For people working with and or interest in working with men and boys as victims of violence and as allies in ending violence against, we invite you to reflect on the UNHCR’s “Need to Know Guidance Note on Working with Men and Boy Survivors of Sexual and Gender-based Violence in Forced Displacement” developed in partnership with Refugee Law Project. Also, RLP in partnership with its national and international partners have published several resourceful documents and video on working with men and boys including “From Dakar to Delhi: Politicising Thinking and Policy Discourse on Men and Masculinities”, “Introduction: Undressing Patriarchy and Masculinities to Re-politicise Gender” and “Undressing Patriarchy: Redressing Inequalities: Report on an International Symposium 9-12 September 2013

We thank you for your support and look forward to seeing you at the South-South Institute (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) and working together in supporting victims of all forms of violence and in the struggle for a violent free world.

Thank you.


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This manual is of great value: We should not assume that duty bearers have been sufficiently trained on core concepts, nor should we assume that target beneficiaries are fully informed. What Refugee Law Project’s work has revealed again and again is that, in the absence of adequate training, duty bearers can make the
worst of mistakes with the best of intentions.

The provision of specialized, evidence-based and context-oriented trainings to a wide range of stakeholders is vital. It strengthens protection of vulnerable populations, it enhances accountability of duty-bearers, and,piece by piece, it contributes to the development of rule of law and to the broader goal of good governance.
That in turn creates the environment in which people are able to live in dignity, regardless of their status, a vision that Refugee Law Project has held close ever since its inception in 1999.

As a country hosting one of the largest refugee populations on the continent, and as a nation still nursing its own wounds from many years of conflict, Uganda has great need for widespread awareness of the issues contained in this manual, including amongst others the key rights of refugees and their hosts, the key impacts
of war that duty bearers need to look out for, the critical psychosocial issues that contribute to self-reliance, the elements of transitional justice that allow forcibly displaced persons to come to terms with their past.

Training on refugee rights and protection is thus a means of enhancing protection for both hosts and refugees.I am very confident that this training manual will go a long way in ensuring that the content of trainings is consistent and comprehensive, and that, ultimately, this will result in more aware and better trained duty
bearers who are able to foster a win-win relationship between refugees and their hosts, whether in northern or western Uganda, or indeed elsewhere.

Prof Chris Dolan
Director, Refugee Law Project

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Accessing bail is one of the major challenges refugees face when interfacing with the justice system in Uganda. This fact-sheet is a demonstration of RLP’s commitment to creating awareness on this intermediate remedy.

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This fact-sheet is a demonstration of RLP’s commitment to creating awareness of the provisions in the Refugees Act 2006.

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Following the recent horrific murder of the Assistant Inspector General of Police, Andrew Felix Kaweesi, thirteen men were detained at Nalufenya police station and are currently remanded to Luzira, Uganda's central prison. Serious allegations have been made in public media concerning their treatment while still at Nalufenya.

Please find attached a joint statement made by the Coalition Against Torture, of which Refugee Law Project is a member, together with the Coalition on Police Accountability and Security Sector Reform calling on the authorities to make proper investigation into these allegations, and, should they prove true, to disregard any evidence collected during torture.

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Do you know about the National Memory & Peace Documentation Centre?

A collaborative initiative of the RLP and the Kitgum District Local Government. The NMPDC is located in Kitgum district town council - Northern Uganda an area ravaged by over two decades of armed conflict and is struggling to recover in the post-conflict era...
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