Everyone Is Equal

Refugee Law Project Does Not Discriminate.
It is very important to us that you feel welcome in our office. 

Here you should feel free from discrimination regardless of your: 
race, tribe, age, nationality, economic status, physical health, 
HIV status, ability, sexual orientation, mental health, religion

Our Mission

To empower asylum seekers, refugees, deportees, IDPs and host communities to enjoy their human rights and lead dignified lives.

Our Vision

That all people enjoy their human rights, irrespective of their legal status.
This vision is supported by relevant international laws as well as the Constitution of Uganda.

Our Work

Refugee Law Project delivers it's mandate through it's five thematic programmes

Mental Health & Psychosocial Wellbeing

We provide forced migrants with the psychosocial and mental health assistance they need to cope with the trauma of the past and meet the demands of life in Uganda.

Access to Justice for Forced Migrants

We seek to bring legal aid services closer to forced migrants, to empower migrants to advocate for their rights, and to strengthen the capacity of justice institutions to deliver justice.

Media For Social Change

We amplify the voices of forced migrants by including them in debates on forced migration and empowering them to become effective advocates for their own rights.

Gender and Sexuality

We seek to ensure that all people can access and enjoy their sexual and gender being and rights, and to raise awareness of the relationship between SGBV and forced migration.

Conflict, Transitional Justice & Governance

We connect the fields of forced migration, transitional justice, and governance, and promote dealing with legacies of violence as the basis for a just and peaceful future for Uganda.

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