The National Memory and Peace Documentation Centre (NMPDC)

School girls flipping through IDP photo album during the Traveling Testimonies exhibition in Luweero

A graffiti art painting depiciting violence during conflict

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Welcome to the National Memory and Peace Documentation Centre (NMPDC), a collaborative initiative of the Refugee Law Project, Faculty of Law Makerere University and the Kitgum District Local Government.
The NMPDC is located in Kitgum district town council in Northern Uganda an area ravaged by over two decades of armed conflict and is struggling to recover in the post-conflict era.

As a country emerging from conflict, Uganda remains highly divided, with a weak sense of national identity, low societal solidarity amongst constituencies, a lack of information and transparency about historical events and little or no accountability for past wrong doing and acknowledgement for suffering. Uganda has a fragile democracy where unaddressed divisions and grievances can easily ignite new conflict. These deficiencies pose significant obstructions to national reconciliation, transitional justice and rule of law in the country; this is what the NMPDC aims to primarily address.

NMPDC BuildingThe NMPDC uses the concept of freedom of access to information as a tool to facilitate dialogue and coexistence among communities, support national reconciliation through the preservation and dissemination of national records and memory, and benefit posterity through history education.
With initial funding from the United States Agency for Development (USAID) and support from the Northern Uganda Transitional Initiative (NUTI), the NMPDC was created from transforming a building that had been built by the U.S.A military into a multifunctional state-of-the-art facility. The space now serves multiple purposes; it is a memorial to the victims and survivors of Uganda's civil conflicts, a space to revive, promote and celebrate Uganda's art and cultural heritage, and a research and educational facility.
The facility welcomes and encourages visitors from all over the world. Each visitor local or international is encouraged to approach, frame and interpreted the experiences from his or her unique viewpoint.

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