What Research and Experience is telling us about positive and negative Masculinities

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RLP at 20 is up in gears with several amazing initiatives and ground-breaking work. We recently concluded a Sexual Violence Symposium under the theme “Sexual Violence in Conflict: Advancing the Agenda?” (report yet to be published) and we are finalising arrangements for the upcoming South-South Institute on Sexual Violence Against Men and Boys in Conflict and Forced Displacement guided by the theme “Bridging the Sexual Violence Torture Divide” – all of which are important initiatives in advancing conversations on sexual violence in conflict.

Understanding Refugee Rights and Protection User guide

This training manual, building on practical experiences, evidenced based advocacy, and other referenced sources

Download User Guide

Bail flyer

Accessing bail is one of the major challenges refugees face when interfacing with the justice system in Uganda. This fact-sheet is a demonstration of RLP’s commitment to creating awareness on this intermediate remedy.

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Training Manual on Refugee Rights

This manual is of great value: We should not assume that duty bearers have been sufficiently trained on core concepts, nor should we assume that target beneficiaries are fully informed. What Refugee Law Project’s work has revealed again and again is that, in the absence of adequate training, duty bearers can make the
worst of mistakes with the best of intentions.

Refugees Act 2006 Factsheet

This fact-sheet is a demonstration of RLP’s commitment to creating awareness of the provisions in the Refugees Act 2006.

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